Overwhelmed by all the digital media options?

Trust us, you’ve come to the right place.

At Whispers to Buzz, we help small businesses in Atlanta (like you!) craft an online presence that increases awareness about your brand.

Our goal is to create the engagements and word-of-mouth buzz that result in sales.

We find and engage your audience via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and more.

We can also build you a fresh new website that truly represents your brand and what you offer.

Our services take digital media management (which is our specialty) off your plate,
and allow you the freedom to do your specialty: offer a great service to the community.

We offer six types of services, and you can pick the one(s) that best meet your needs:

Social Media Initiation

We discuss your goals and what social media channels are right for you. We then set up your accounts.

Social Media Rescusitation

If your accounts have been abandoned for a duration (tsk, tsk), we resurrect them and build community for a defined time period.

Social Media Management

We discuss your goals, assess which social media channels you should be involved in, and determine a long-term plan for engagement.


Pictures are worth ten thousand words. Your business deserves access to high-definition images that help tell your story and interest potential customers.

Website Redesign

We create a website for you that beautifully represents your brand and what you offer in a modern, fresh way.


Communicate your brand effectively, concisely, and with warmth, and build and enthusiastic fanbase.

Our Photography.

Imagine what photography like this could do for your business… for your Instagram account… for your profit.